CNIL public consultation on how-to sheets on the development of AI systems

03 juillet 2024

Following the discussions we had with researchers during and after the Privacy Research Day, we decided to relay CNIL’s public consultations related to research topics. The public consultation on a second set of “AI sheets” that CNIL’s opened a few weeks ago could be of great interest to researchers and more broadly to LINC audience.

Build the link between the GDPR and the European AI act

While the European regulation on AI has just been adopted and will enter into force on a staggered basis in the coming months, the CNIL wishes to provide legal certainty to the players in the sector by anticipating the relationship between the AI Act and the GDPR. Indeed, the GDPR applies to system providers, independently of the AI Act, when they use personal data for their development.

It's in this context that CNIL opens, for the second time, a public consultation to all actors in order to elaborate its recommandations :

  • the how-to sheets put forward for consultation today aim to deal with several major issues of innovation and protection: the use of web scraping, which is a widespread practice in particular for building large language models, the publication of AI models in open source but also the management of people’s rights, which is the cornerstone of the legal framework on personal data.
  • and also a questionnaire on the topic of applying the GDPR to AI models trained with personal data.

This consultation follows on from a first set of recommandations recently published after a public consultation.