Cookieviz 2: new features to observe hidden web practices

Rédigé par Jérôme GORIN


05 octobre 2020

The latest version of Cookieviz now integrates new features to define visit paths and obtain global statistics on practices.


CookieViz is the first software for the general public developed in-house by the CNIL. Available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS, version 2.0 integrates new features for advanced site analysis, multilingual support and new options to predefine visit paths, manually or from files. 


Download CookieViz  <

Contribute to the open source project!

The source code of the Cookieviz software is freely accessible and can be improved by developers. The most experienced can improve the initial version of the tool, fix possible bugs or features develop new features, or propose new translations!

Do you have an idea you would like to share with us to improve this project? You want to build on this basis to build a project of pedagogy of digital traceability? Contact the CNIL laboratory team through the contact form on our "about LINC" page, or on the LINC GitHub account!

Article rédigé par Jérôme GORIN , Technologiste